jelka jelkatm



Space-Non-Space is a result of questions based on human behaviour in the public as well as a response on public surveillance. Through enhancing this situation of observation we raise attention and probable activity in non-spaces. The audience as the performer changes power and hierarchy in this particular confrontation of human and machine.

Through an immersive experience which plays with reflection by echoing ourselves the visitor will be both, audience and artwork. By recording and screening a specific, non-space area, we create a loop of reality and time. An image inherited and multiplied in itself over and over again, with delayed image, creating a virtual loop of the space.

By feed-backing and looping the recorded we want to question the "non-spaces" and set them on stage. In most locations and venues exist spots that could be named blind, spaces that lack a specific purpose. When people pass by, they usually don’t acknowledge those non-spaces or even have any expectations. We aim to highlight these unused walls and corners and generate curiosity about them but also space in general.

The setup contains a wall playing a soundloop and eight speakers telling stories.

Jelka Kretzschmar
Jelka Kretzschmar
Jelka Kretzschmar


VVVV Patch Feedback Setup at Pumphouse Gallery
in collaboration with Jan Petyrek
July, 2015