jelka jelkatm


Object, Robotic

Tipsybot is a robot which gets "drunk" when the users share some drink with it. Once the wine is poured into the robot’s mouth, it will begin to move. Since its structure is similar to a Tumbler toy, the movement of the robot resembles the intoxicated human behaviour. In the robot’s intoxicated stage, wine is spilled across the paper, resulted in spontaneous canvas. The project imagines a physical metaphor for the concept of artificial intoxication: what would happen when a machine enters the physiological state of inebriation, just like a human being.

Jelka Kretzschmar
Jelka Kretzschmar
Jelka Kretzschmar


Development in collaboration with Sam Phong Nguyen
Dispayed at Insula: RAW fair 2015, Truman Brewery, London,
May 2015


South African